Statistics of working accident status in vietnam, 2016

In March 2017, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs announced to the ministries, sectors and localities the situation of working accidents in 2016 and some major solutions to ...

Information on status of occupational accidents and diseases in 2015

In 2015, across the country 7,620 working accidents have occurred with 7,785 victims, of which there are 629 fatal cases; 79 cases with two or more victims; a total of 666 deaths; and 1,704 people ...

Statistics Of Occupational Accidents In The First Half of 2015 in Vietnam

In August, 2015 Ministry of Labour - Invalid and Social Affairs (MOLISA) had informed industries and provinces about the occupational accidents in the first half of 2015 and also introduced essential ...

Code of Conduct gives Viet Nam hope to address workplace sexual harassment, protecting workers and benefiting business

A new Code of Conduct developed with ILO support is expected to help the Government, employers and workers in Viet Nam identify sexual harassment in the workplace, prevent and address it through ...

Uruguay ratifies the Safety and Health in Mines Convention, 1995 (No. 176)

Uruguay has ratified 15 occupational safety and health Conventions

British workplaces among safest in the world

The number of people who lose their lives at work has dropped sharply by 85 per cent over the past forty years, from over 650 every year in 1974 to a record low of 133 today, new figures reveal.

OSHA Launches Tree Trimming Safety Emphasis Program

A new regional emphasis program has been launched in OSHA's Philadelphia Area Office that is focused on safety in tree trimming operations. There were 243 worker deaths nationwide in 2012 during tree ...

ITUC Global Rights Index shows workers’ rights under threat despite public support for strong labour laws

Corporations, using their power over governments, are attempting a co-ordinated global attack on workers’ rights, including the right to strike, according to new analysis from the International Trade ...

Control over own work is an important health intervention

Giving workers control over their work, gives them ways to improve their health. That is one of the conclusions from the comprehensive American health program, Total Worker Health.

Unique judgement - managers guilty of employee’s suicide

In Sweden two managers at a social services centre were found guilty in February of causing an employee’s depression and suicide. The judgement is unique. Never before has an employer been found ...