VGCL Issues the Plan for OSH Action Monthin 2019

On January 14, 2019, the Presidium of VGCL has issued Plan No. 04 / KH-TLD on the organization of Action Month on occupational safety and health (OSH) in 2019 trade unions of all levels.

Accordingly, the Action Month on OSH in 2019 would be implemented nationwide from 1 to 31 May 2019 with the theme: "Strengthening assessment and management of occupational safety and health risks at the workplace”.

The goals of the 2019 OSH Action Month in trade unions of all levels include: To promote cooperation between trade unions and appropriate agencies, authorities of equivalent level and between grass-roots trade unions and employers for the implementation of specific programs to improve working conditions; To push forth the dissemination of information and education, raising awareness and consciousness for employers and workers in the implementation of the Law on OSH; To effectively implement OSH work, thereby contributing to building harmonious, stable and progressive labour relations in the workplace, contributing to affirming the role and position of trade unions, attracting workers to trade unions and building a strong working class and strong trade unions.

VGCL calls for trade unions of all levels to organize the following major activities:

1. To increase communication activities on OSH include: To diversify forms of dissemination and popularization of OSH policies, laws and knowledge; to educate to raise awareness and consciousness of responsibility of employers and workers in the implementation of OSH regulations.

2. To promote and improve the effectiveness of the OSH movement which calls for the participation of the populace; to coordinate with related agencies to launch emulation movement on OSH and movement to ensure the populace’s implementation of OSH. Continue to promote the movement on "Green - Clean –Beautiful,  Ensuring occupational safety and health ".

3. To coordinate with relevant agencies to put more focus on the supervision and inspection over OSH in enterprises: attaching importance to the inspection and supervision over the development of OSH internal regulations, processes and measures; the assessment and management of risks to occupational safety and health at the workplace; the work of OSH training, testing machines, equipment and materials with strict requirements on labour safety.

4. To organize activities and specialized events on OSH with the aim towards the topic and content of the Action Month.

In addition, the trade union press agencies shall open a specialized column for the Action Month; publish and disseminate information; introduce the activities of the OSH Action Month in 2019 by all levels, sectors, enterprises and trade unions before, during and after the Action Month; disseminate to replicate good examples of outstanding performance in the implementation of OSH work and in "Green-Clean-Beautiful, Ensuring occupational safety and health" movements.