The Vietnam Confederation of Labour and the Ministry of Health: collaborate to protect, take care and improve health of workers and employees

Recently, the Vietnam Confederation of Labour and the Ministry of Health have signed the regulations of collaboration for implementing activities to protect, take care and improve health of workers and employees.

Overview of the signing ceremony

The content of collaboration comprises 03 chapters, 09 articles. Accordingly, the two sides will complete mechanism, policy and law on protection, taking care and improvement of the health of workers, employces. In which proposing to timely complement and amend policies on social insurance, medical insurance and toxic regime, list of occupational diseases for workers of specific occupations in health sector. To research and propose to complement the list of arduous, hazardous and dangerous occupations and extremely arduous, hazardous and dangerous occupations into the occupations and sectors under the management of Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA), also complement other mechanism and policies related to health taking care in line with occupations and sectors. To research and establish trade unions institution (public service house at district) for medical workers who working at rural and remote areas to attract more human resource with high qualification to work at grassroots lines.To collaborate to research on providing evidences for establishing regime, policy, legal documents, professional statute, technical norms and regulations on labour hygiene and occupational disease prevention: (i) to research on establishing a set of index for business assessment and classification to implement labour hygiene management at business; (ii) to establish, adjust and complement technical regulations in working environment monitoring, occupational health and diseases and new generated issues, (iii) to establish guidance for surveillance, management and improvement of some occupations using a large number of laborers and having high risk of occupational diseases (electronic production and assembly, leather and footwear, textile and garment, informal sector, etc.); (iv) to collaborate to research on occupational health for specific subjects such as female workers, workers from group of heavy, toxic and dangerous jobs; (v) to research on knowledge, behavior and attitude for HIV/AIDS prevention and the real situation for implementation and compliance regulations on HIV/AIDS prevention for workers at work.

President of VGCL, Mr. Bui Van Cuong and Minister of MOH to exchange the signed regulations of collaboration

The two sides collaborate to organize health taking care activities for workers and employees; to build a strong working class, trade unions and medical sector, in which organizing campaigns of environmental surveillance and sanitation, infectious epidemic prevention at businesses, construction sites, plants and factories, especially at guest house areas and worker’s housing areas. To organize events which include health checking and free HIV consulting, testing and screening and also implementing preventive activities for the youth and high risk workers who working at factories and industrial parks. To carry out programs on prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV for female workers.  To carry out consultation and provide reproductive health services for workers, and employces, especially workers in industrial parks and processing zones. To establish a tobacco smoke-free working environment. To integrate consultation and checking for non-communicable diseases, occupational diseases and workers’ health management into periodical health checking at organizations. To collaborate to implement workers’ health management, ensure to provide long-term and continuously health taking care for workers by medical division at organizations.

About the propaganda contents, two sides enhance the propaganda of legal documents and documents related to labor policies and laws, healthcare sector such as Labour Code, Trade Unions Law, Laws on Health Insurance, Health Check-up and Treatment, Food Safety Law, Law on HIV/AID prevention and control, OSH Law, etc…; to raise up the awareness on working environment hygiene, OSH measures, to prevent risk and harmful factors, to effectively apply model of occupational accident and disease prevention at organizations; to set up and provide communication documents for raising up the awareness, attitude and behavior on healthcare appropriate to workers and employees.