The Action Month on Occupational Safety and Health and the Workers’ Month 2022

On the morning of April 28, in Hanoi, the Central Steering Committee for Action Month on Occupational Safety and Health collaborated with the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor (VGCL) held a ceremony to launch the Action Month on Occupational Safety and Health and Workers’ month 2022.

The Action Month on OSH with the theme “Strengthening measures to reduce risks of occupational safety and health, improving working conditions in the workplace, adapting safely, flexibly to and effectively controlling the COVID-19 pandemic” and Workers’ Month 2022 with the theme "Vietnamese workers: Pioneering, innovative, responsible, safe, adaptive" will be held from May 1 to May 31, 2022 nationwide.

Launching ceremony of the Action Month on OSH end the Workers' Month 2022

The Action Month on OSH 2022 is implemented to promote action programs and measures to improve safe and hygienic working conditions in enterprises and facilities; ensure safety, maintain and develop production; adapt safely and flexibly in disease prevention. This Action Month focuses on implementing a number of thematic events and activities on OSH as follows:

- Renovate and strengthen information and communication activities on OSH both directly and online to enterprises and employees; develop and distribute messages, warnings, handbooks, leaflets, CDs and DVDs guiding the topics and contents of the implementation of the Action Month on OSH in 2022; diversify appropriate forms of information and communication on many channels and mass media such as newspapers, radio, television, internet, networks of radio stations in districts, communes, wards and enterprises.

- Strengthening measures to reduce risks on OSH; preventing occupational accidents and occupational diseases (occupational accidents, occupational diseases) and improving working conditions at the workplace; adapting safely, flexibly and effectively controlling the COVID-19 pandemic; strengthening self-inspection and review of OSH rules and procedures in workshops, groups and teams; providing specific guidance and advice on skills, safe working procedures, rights, obligations and responsibilities in OSH work to enterprises and employees; rights, obligations and responsibilities of enterprises and employees when participating in occupational accident and occupational disease insurance.

- Focus on providing information, advice, training and guidance for enterprises and employees to identify and assess hazards and risks, improve safe and hygienic working conditions in enterprises and establishments, groups, teams, workshops, factories, construction sites, crowded places, commercial centers, schools, residential areas on ensuring safety in labor, production and prevention against the COVID-19 pandemic; taking the initiative in prevention and training of safe working skills for employees; hospitals, medical examination and treatment facilities will strengthen the organization of training activities, thematic training on OSH for medical staff in disease prevention and control.

- Organizing activities with the participation and coordination of state management agencies, experts, employers, employees, OSH activists such as seminars, dialogues, contests, sharing experiences and typical models on OSH; paying attention, visitting, encouraging and supporting victims and families of victims of occupational accidents and diseases, workers in difficult circumstances.

- Organize inspections and coordinations between departments, agencies and sectors in inspection and supervision of OSH in industries and occupations with high risk of occupational accidents and diseases such as construction, electricity, mining, chemistry physical, mechanical, working in confined spaces; the use and inspection of machines, equipment and supplies with strict requirements on occupational safety, measurement of the working environment, and training on OSH.

The Workers' Month 2022 is launched by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor to inspire the tradition of solidarity and creativity, and at the same time promote the pioneering role and sense of responsibility of the Vietnamese working class in performing their tasks of socio-economic development well, especially economic recovery and development from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Presidium of the VGCL asked trade unions at all levels to organize practical Workers' Month activities in association with the Action Month on OSH 2022, actively and collaboratively participate in inspection and supervision of the implementation of policies for employees in the context of COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control and socio-economic recovery and development; promoting dialogue, negotiation and signing of collective labor agreements, agreements to ensure welfare, contributing to improving the living standards of employees.