VNNIOSH: Activities to respond to the Workers' Month and the Action Month on Occupational Safety and Health 2022

In response to the Workers' Month and the Action Month on Occupational Safety and Health 2022, Vietnam National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (VNNIOSH) has implemented many meaningful and effective activities in accordance with the direction of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor (VGCL).

Accordingly, propaganda activities are organized in various forms to raise awareness of employees about occupational safety and health (OSH). The Institute has coordinated with the Ninh Thuan Federation of Labour to organize an OSH training course for 70 people who are grassroots trade union officials and OSH activists in non-state enterprises in Ninh Thuan Province in order to strengthen the role of trade unions in supervising the observance of the law on occupational safety and health, at the same time to promote propaganda and training to improve knowledge on OSH for trade union staff who are in charge of OSH work and OSH activists.

At the training course, experts from VNNIOSH exchanged opinions about the role of trade union organizations in the field of OSH and environmental protection in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the COVID-19 pandemic; OSH work at the enterprise; guidelines for post-COVID-19 recovery for workers.

Through the training course, trainees continue to improve their knowledge on OSH and contribute to minimizing occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

Free occupational health check, consultation and treatment of for workers

In addition, VNNIOSH has also coordinated with the Thanh Hoa Federation of Labour to organize free occupational health check, consultation and treatment of for workers in the province. 100 female workers and laborers in footwear, leather and garment industries were examined for gynecological diseases by doctors from the Center for Occupational Health of VNNIOSH and received counsel and dissemination of knowledge on prevention of occupational diseases and reproductive health care.

After the Workers' Month and the Action Month on OSH, the Institute continues to promote information, propaganda and training on OSH in order to raise awareness and compliance with OSH regulations for employers and employees; to carry out activities to assess and control occupational safety and health hazards and risks in order to take measures to improve working conditions; to provide periodic medical examination for employees, management of occupational hygiene and health of employees; to monitor working environment at workplace to take measures to minimize harm for workers health and prevent occupational diseases; to deploy and apply scientific and technical solutions to improve working environment, contribute to ensuring safety, protecting workers health and the environment.