Positive changes in the work of OSH of the Trade Union

In the period 2017-2022, every year more that 9.000 grassroots trade unions organize an emulation movement on occupational safety and health (OSH), with over 400.000 participants; more than 15.000 initiatives to improve working conditions and reduce occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

After five years of implementation of Resolution No.10c/NQ-BCH dated January 12, 2017 of the Excutive Board of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL) on: “Improving the effectiveness of Trade Union’s OSH work in the new situation” and Directive No. 04/CT-TLĐ dated March 3, 2017 of the Presidium of VGCL on continuing to promote the movement “Green-Clean-Beautiful, Ensuring OSH” in the new situation, Trade Union of all levels have created positive changes in awareness and resposibility of the Trade Union officials, employers and employees about OSH work.

Trade Union officials in charge of OSH work are gradually consolidatings and improving their capacity to meet the requirement of the new situation. Statistics from the reports, period 2017 to the end of June 2022, Trade Union at all levels have actively organized OSH training courses for over 2.5 million workers, Trade Union officials, OSH activists; coordinate with relevant authorities to organize OSH training courses for almost 4 million people, focusing on training for workers in enterprises, sectors, jobs and occupations with many dangerous, harmful factors and high-risk of occupational accidents, ocupational diseases; also focusing on experience dissemination, training methods and skills to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

Emulation movements launched and implemented by the Trade Union have attatched the participation of all levels, sectors, employers and employees, contribuitng to developing a safe and heathy working environment, helping employees emulate prodcution labour, improve product quality, increase productivity and work effeciency, reduce risk of occupational accidents and occupational diseases, bring practical benefits to employees by themselves and organizations when participating the movement.

Each year, over 9.000 grassroots Trade Unions organize the movement with more than 15.000 initiatives to improve working conditions in order to reduce occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

According to the assessment of VGCL, after 5 years of implementation the Resolution and Directive, there have been many positive changes in awareness, resposibility of trade union officials, employers and employees on OSH work; the direction of the Resolution and Directive implementation is integrated from VGCL to trade union of all levels; participation in the formulation of policies and legislation on OSH has been proactitve and more effective which is highly appriciated by the authorities; the coordination with the authorities, employers in inspection and suiveillance on OSH in more proactive and strict manner.

In addition, the work of information, propaganda and training on OSH has many innovations in content, diversity in forms, application of information and technology and social networks; the movement “Green-Clean-Beautiful, Ensuring OSH” has been maintained and promoted with many innovative models, suitable to the realities of localities and sectors. Along with that, OSH activists networks have been strengthened, increased in quantity and improved the quality of the operations. Results achieved from the implementation of the Revolution and Directives have contributed to the enhancing the role of Trade Union and contributing to the prevention occupational accidents and occupational diseases and the improvement of working conditions for employees.

(Source: Vnniosh.vn)