Launching the Workers’ Month and the Action Month for Occupational Safety and Health 2023

On the afternoon of 27 April 2023, in Hanoi, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL) coordinated with the Central Steering Committee for the Action month for occupational safety and health to organize the launching ceremony of the Workers’ Month and the Action month for occupational safety and health 2023.

The theme of the Workers’ Month 2023 was “Connecting workers – Building organization” with five groups of activities focused on spreading propaganda about the position, role and contribution of the Vietnamese working class; strengthen the relationship connecting union members, officials and workers with trade unions, contributing to building a strong trade union organization of Vietnam; at the same time encourage union members, officials, workers especially employees to make efforts to overcome difficulties and be creative in the workplace to contribute to the development of each business, promote economic growth of the country.

The Action month for occupational safety and health 2023 with the theme “Strengthening the development of safe working processes and measures and improving working conditions, reducing stress in the workplace” implemented with the goals of promoting all levels, sectors, organizations, associations, employers, employees and communities to pay attention and strictly enforce the Law on OSH, promote specific action programs on improving working conditions, review and develop safe working processes and measures, assess OSH risks and hazards, take care and improve workers’ health, prevent occupational accidents and diseases.

During Action Month, across the country many activities had been organized such as Dialogue of the National and Provincial Councils of OSH; visiting victims of occupational accidents and diseases; organizing inspection and self-inspection activities at enterprises and production facilities employ workers; organizing rewards for organizations, individuals with achievements in the field of OSH; strengthen information and communication activities on OSH, etc.

In the context that the economy of Vietnam is trying to restore production and business activities, challenges and risks in OSH work will increase requiring authorities at all levels to pay attention, promoting the implementation of OSH work in locality, allocating human and financial resources for the implementation of OSH work in areas, sectors with many potential risks and hazards and sectors without labour relations. Employers need to pay attention to improving working conditions, managing and controlling hazards and risks. Employees also need to actively learn and apply measure to improve working conditions at workplace and households. Regulations on reforming administrative procedures in the field of OSH need to continue to be reviewed and improved to increase the proportion of people who are assessed for occupational diseases.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh said: “Units and organization, besides ensuring sustainable works and improving living standards, need to continue to improve working conditions, proactively prevent occupational accidents and diseases, especially with female workers. To ensure adequate and timely regimes and policies on occupational accidents and diseases for workers and their families”.

“Vietnam Trade Union must regularly pay attention to, listen to, grasp thoughts and aspirations; live the life of the employee, speak the voice of the employee; promptly solve difficulties and problems with practical and effective actions in order to further improve the lives of employees. Especially pay attention to OSH work so that employees have favourable environment for labour and production” he said.