Safety regulations in arc welding

Only workers who are appropriately trained, guided on operation mechanisms and given tasks are allowed to operate the welding machine.

- Workers must fully focus on their work and thoroughly comply with production procedures and safety regulations.

- Before starting the operation, workers need to inspect the working platform, working positions, equipment, machinery, tools and materials for processing:

+ The working area must be tidy and clean. The use and preserve of fuel, flammable and explosive materials in welding area are prohibited.

+ The welding machine must be in good condition: It must have insulated cover or be grounded.

+ Welding pliers are obliged to have insulated and heat-resistant handles. Welding wires must be ensured not to have their cover scaled off, welding points are to be fully covered by insulated duct tape.

+ The surface of welding stocks and weld-fabricated components must be clean and without paint, rust, oil and dust.

- The welding machine must be positioned in a place without people nearby, and if it is positioned outdoor, it must be covered by a non-flammable cover.

- While working, it is obligated to use personal protective tools and safety machinery, equipment. Do not use wet gloves and protective equipment while welding.

- Welding workers are responsible for monitoring the condition of welding machines while at work. Any failure or damage occurred must be immediately reported to the repair mechanic.

- Smoking, drinking beers or alcohol, pushing people, juggling and throwing objects are prohibited.

Any detected risks of occupational accidents, occupational diseases, hazards or dangerous incidents must be immediately reported to the person in charge and other people in the vincinity.

- When performing welding in vaults, containers, chambers, sealed tanks (or welding in high places without working platforms), a supervisor with good skills and knowledge in safety technique is required. The welder must wear safety belts linked to conductor-wire lead to the supervisor (in order to timely cut the power and first-aid in case of emergency). Welding in vaults, containers, chambers and sealed tanks containing pressure or explosive is prohibited.

- Working platforms used for high-place welding must be non-flammable. In case of working platforms not available, workers must wear safety belt and possess a tool bag for tools and excessive welding rods. If there are people moving around or flammable materials below the welding position, a cover is required.

- When moving or stopping the welding machine, the power source must be cut off.

- Before welding, fire rescue equipment must be prepared beforehand.

- Finishing the operation:

+ Turn off the power and organized the wires neatly when not using the machine.

+ Organize the depot, cleaning the machinery, equipment and the work place.

+ When handing over the equipment to the next shift, remind the next workers of incidents or damage if there is any.