6 regulations helping improving light condition at workplace

We all know that 80% of our information is received through the eyes. Bad light condition will reduce work capacity and product quality, as well as causing eye strains, fatigue and headache.

Improving the lighting in enterprises will increase work capacity by 10% and reduce all errors by 30%. This is particularly important to works requiring precision and fast actions, or to products requiring quality. Utilizing outdoor light can increase lighting and reduce electricity cost.

The following 6 principles will help improve lighting in the factory

a) Sufficient lighting

- Increase the use of natural light

- Using bright color for walls and ceilings

Use natural light to reduce energy cost

b) Find appropriate position for the light source

- Use appropriate light source to increase lighting


- Using on-the-spot light source for high-precision works

- Combining overall lighting and on-the-spot lighting.

Combining direct lighting and reflection will produce the best vision.

c) Avoid dazzling from windows and light

* Reduce dazzling from windows

- Use curtains, roof, blurry glass..

- Change seat position: turn your back to the window or lean to another angle

Use curtains to reduce dazzling from windows

* Avoid dazzling from light source

* Avoid reflection from polished surface which reduces vision.

Dazzling gleam reflects from polished surface will reduce vision.

d) Use appropriate background for meticulous works

- Eliminating distractive details using a curtain

- A low partition will reduce distraction while looking at the opposite person’s actions

- Use appropriate background color

e) Always perform maintenance for the light sources

- Clean light bulbs, reflector mirrors

- Replace old or reduced lighting quality light bulbs

- Cleaning windows, walls and ceilings can increase lighting by 20% or more.

(Source: Vnniosh.vn)