Determining machine’ limits and Risk assessment process

Risk assessment begins with the determination of the limits of the machinery, taking into account all the phases of the machinery life. This means that the characteristics and performances of the machine or a series of machines in an integrated process, and the related people, environment, and products, should be identified in terms of the limits of machinery.

1. Determining machine’ limitations consists of:

- Limitations in usage: operation mechanisms, interference process: characteristics, abilities, limitations of intended users’ body forms; level of training, experience or abilities of users or operators; exposure to hazards associating with machines which can be detected beforehand;

- Limitations in space: movement range; space for people interacting with machines (operators, maintainers); human interaction (man-machine interface); machine - powersource interface;

- Limitations in time: machine’s life time or parts, components which will worn out, electromechanic, intended use and wrong usage which can be detected beforehand; service time..

- Other limitations: environments, required hygienic level; properties of processed material.

The objective of this step is too clearly demonstrate machine’s operational abilities; intended correct use for machine, predictable wrong usage and the environment where the machine is used and operated. This objective can be achieved by inspecting the machine’s functions and works associated with the machine’s usage.

The machine’s functions

Can describe machine in components, mechanisms or functions based on the structure and operation of the machine: energy supplying; controlling; forward movement; processing and treatment; movement; raising; machine frame/chassis with stability; auxiliary equipment (holding devices, accessories).

When protective methods are incorporated in the design, it is necessary to describe their functions and interactions between them and the machine’s other functions.

Risk assessment should include the consideration of each function component, ensuring each operation mechanism and all operation process are given sufficient attention, including man-machine interface regarding known functions or components.

Using the machine

By considering the users of the machine in the intended environments (such as in family, factory), the usage of the machine can be described as works associated with the predicted intended correct usage and incorrect usage of the machine.

Đồngthờicũngquantâmđếncácyêucầu: During the process of risk assessment, if it is possible, the assessment group should contact the designers and users to ensure that all works using the machine are determined, including predicted incorrect usage. Thus, the analysis of works and working conditions should include operators and maintainers of the machine. The following requirements should also be given more attention:

- Users guide accompanying the machine;

- The easiest or fastest way to commence the work may be different from what regulated in users guide; processes and instructions;

- Human’s reflexes when confronting troubles, incidents or damages while using the machine;

- Human errors.

Risk assessment process

The content and relation between steps of the process is described as be low:

Repeated process for reducing risks