Measures to protect workers’ health with occupational exposure to alcohols in the electronics manufacturing industry

Alcohols are types of chemical compounds in which a hydroxyl radical (OH-) is bonded to a carbon atom. Low molecular weight alcohol compounds are usually colorless and flammable liquids. One of the ...

Method of classifying labor conditions VNNIOSH-2017

Inspection and assessment of labor conditions has become a concern of both employees and employers. In recent years, researchers and managers have studied and developed many methods and measures to ...

Workload and nutritional needs for works in textileand garment, leather and footwear sectors in Vietnam

ILO’s research reports showed that meals for worker pay an important role, firstly for their own health then for the businesses and countries.

Study to design and produce pilot equipment to check electricity leak of electrical one-phase hand- held appliances

Labor accidents on a higher power that is caused by an electrical fault outside of the electrical equipment used without inspection before they are put to work.

Basic Steps to Protect Individuals Working with Nanomaterials

The authors of Safe Work Australia's report on "Engineered Nanomaterials: Evidence on the Effectiveness of Workplace Controls to Prevent Exposure" "recommend that workplace controls for reducing ...

Research on the TCVN 6844:2001 standard and propose a process applied in developing and compiling safety standards and regulations

This study was carried out to develop and propose an application process of the standard TCVN 68944:2001 « Guide for the inclusion of safety aspects in standards » in the ...

Occupational tooth wear

A research on dental erosion is conducted in 271 workers exposed to acid elements at Viet Tri Chemical Joint Stock Company in Phu Tho Province. It uses a method of cross-sectional, comparative study, ...