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1 06/2020/TT-BLDTBXH Circular No. 06/2020/TT-BLDTBXH dated August 20, 2020 of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs on promulgating the List of occupations subject to strict requirements on occupational safety and health 20/08/2020 In force
2 58/2020/ND-CP Decree No. 58/2020/ND-CP dated May 27, 2020 of the Government on the rate of contribution to the occupational accident and disease insurance fund 27/05/2020 In force
3 659/QĐ-TTg Decision on approving the Program on care and improvement of employees’ health and occupational disease prevention in the 2020 - 2030 period 20/05/2020 In force
4 36/2019/TT-BLDTBXH Promulgating the List of machinery, equipment and materials subject occupational hygiene and safety requirements 30/12/2019 In force
5 52/2019/QH14 Law on amend and supplement a number of Article of the Law on Cadres and Civil Servants and the Law on Public employees No. 52/2019/QH14 dated November 25, 2019 of the National Assembly 25/11/2019 In force
6 45/2019/QH14 Labor Code No. 45/2019/QH14 dated November 20, 2019 of the National Assembly 20/11/2019 In force
7 51/2019/ND-CP On sanctioning administrative violations in scientific and technological activities and technology transfer 13/06/2019 In force
8 31/2018/TT-BLDTBXH Circular No. 31/2018/TT-BLDTBXH on elaborating training in occupational safety and health 26/12/2018 In forced
9 33/2018/TT-BTNMT Circular No. 33/2018/TT-BTNMT dated December 26, 2018 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on procedures for remediation of oil spills at sea 26/12/2018 In forced
10 146/2018/ND-CP Decree Detailing, and guiding measures to implement, a number of articles of the Law on Health Insurance 17/10/2018 In forced
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