Stress at work: Impacts and Solutions

Stress at work leaves many health consequences for workers. Many studies have shown the consequences of prolonged occupational stress on psychological and mental health, as well as physical health of ...

Current situation of workers’ health in some plastic production facilities using Styrene

Styrene, also known as vinylbenzene, is an organic solvent widely used in many industries, in the production of polystyrene and many other polymers. In particular, in the plastic industry, flexible ...

Measures to protect workers’ health with occupational exposure to alcohols in the electronics manufacturing industry

Alcohols are types of chemical compounds in which a hydroxyl radical (OH-) is bonded to a carbon atom. Low molecular weight alcohol compounds are usually colorless and flammable liquids. One of the ...

Method of classifying labor conditions VNNIOSH-2017

Inspection and assessment of labor conditions has become a concern of both employees and employers. In recent years, researchers and managers have studied and developed many methods and measures to ...

Assessing occupational safety and health risks in stone mining and processing facilities

Quarrying is an active field of mining. Stone mining and processing is considered one of the industries causing the most occupational accidents and diseases. The main reason is that the quarrying ...

Workload and nutritional needs for works in textileand garment, leather and footwear sectors in Vietnam

ILO’s research reports showed that meals for worker pay an important role, firstly for their own health then for the businesses and countries.

Evaluating work load through criteria of hard work and stress during the work of seafood processing workers in Middle area of Vietnam

The characteristics of work in seafood processing is manual and hard work; workers have to expose to many hazardous factors that may result in risks of accidents and diseases. According to data ...

The working environment of fishermen on offshore fishing vessels in the coast of Central Vietnam

The Vietnamese seafood industry has existed and developed for a long time and its economic efficiency has been increasing, thus contributing to the overall progress of the national economy. However, ...