Building and developing Safety Culture in production in Vietnam

1. Preface Building and developing Safety Culture in production is inevitable tendency and necessary of all countries in the world including Vietnam in order to meet the occupational safety and ...

From the surface to the underlying meaning-an analysis of senior managers’ safety culture perceptions

Senior managers can influence safety culture and it is therefore important to understand how they think about this aspect of their organisation.

Identification of occupational safety and health research priorities will help Europe reach its 2020 goals

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has identified key priority areas for occupational safety and health (OSH) research that will help Europe reach its 2020 goals. Priorities ...

Essential Occupational Safety and Health Interventions for Low- and Middle-income Countries: An Overview of the Evidence

Jos Verbeek1, Ivan Ivanov2 (1) FIOH, Cochrane Occupational Safety and Health Review Group, Kuopio, Finland (2) Interventions for Healthy Environments, Department of Public Health and Environment, ...

The effects of the enforcement legislation in the Finnish occupational safety and health inspectorate

Toivo Niskanen Abstract The goals of this quantitative and qualitative study were to explore the four following questions:

Understanding safety in the context of business operations: An exploratory study using case studies

Anthony Veltria, Mark Pagellb, David Johnstonc, Emile Tompad, Lynda Robsond, Benjamin C, Amick IIId,  Sheilah Hogg-Johnsond,    Sara Macdonaldd

The role of high schools in introductory occupational safety education – Teacher perspectives on effectiveness

Dino L. Pisanielloa, Sasha K. Stewarta, Nasreen Jahana, Sandra L. Pisaniellob, Helen Winefieldb, Annette Braunack-Mayera

A proposal for improving safety in construction projects by strengthening coordinators’ competencies

Ros Serrano Antonio a, Ortiz-Marcos Isabelb.*, Palomo Sánchez José Gabriela, Uruburu Colsa Angelb