The working environment of fishermen on offshore fishing vessels in the coast of Central Vietnam

The Vietnamese seafood industry has existed and developed for a long time and its economic efficiency has been increasing, thus contributing to the overall progress of the national economy. However, ...

Working environment and health situation of plastic recycling workers in Southern Vietnam

The study focuses on learning about emissions of toxic gases in the environment from enterprises having full plastic recycling process or those having such process as a part of the manufacturing ...

Environmental Protection and Public Health Issues

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DDT treatment technology by combination of oxidation method with biological measures

 Many countries in the world have studies and strict regulations on the use of DDT in particular and hazardous chemicals in general and even include these substances in the ban list. Vietnam has ...

Application of the kinetic heat software to determine reaction kinetics, contributing to hazard analysis of chemical reactions

To assess the chemical reaction hazards, it is necessary to determine all thermodynamic and kinetic parameters. Kinetic estimation with thermokinetics software helps optimize technological processes ...

Process of pesticides decomposition in place by using combination of chemical and biological methods

 Advanced oxidation processes are oxidative decomposition process based on the *HO active hydroxyl radicals, they are formed in this process. Based on advantages in removing organic ...

Clean water solutions in flooded areas

 Clean water for people before and after floods in the provinces in the Red River delta and Central region is a very urgent demand. The Institute for Water and Environment has proposed ...

Research on color treatment for wastewater of textile craft villages with advanced oxidation method using agents Peroxon

The textile and dyeing craft villages are seriously polluted because treatment of most dye wastewater is not implemented.

Study and evaluate the quality of ambient air in domestic solid waste landfills in urban areas

The decomposition process of domestic solid wastes in landfill generates many kinds of pollution gases into the ambient air such as CH4, H2S, CO2, CO, Methyl Mercaptan, dust, odors…

Propose a trial toolkit for working environment assessment

This paper is based on the results of the Project 211/03/TLD of the National Institute of Labour Protection in 2011 – 2012.