Results achieved from implemeting the Law on OSH 2015 and some proposals for amendments and supplements

The making and promulgation of the Law on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) 2015 is extremely important, particularly in the period of industrilization, modernization and international integration ...

The role of occupational safety and health in the implementation of the socio-economic recovery program in the post-COVID-19 period

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on development goals in Vietnam From 2020 until now, the COVID-19 pandemic has become complicated, unpredictable and prolonged, seriously affecting all aspects of ...

Determining machine’ limits and Risk assessment process

Risk assessment begins with the determination of the limits of the machinery, taking into account all the phases of the machinery life. This means that the characteristics and performances of the ...

6 regulations helping improving light condition at workplace

We all know that 80% of our information is received through the eyes. Bad light condition will reduce work capacity and product quality, as well as causing eye strains, fatigue and headache.

Safety regulations in arc welding

Only workers who are appropriately trained, guided on operation mechanisms and given tasks are allowed to operate the welding machine.

Special attentions for welding and cutting metals

Metal cutting and welding using arc or oxygen-acetylen mixture are commonly used in construction.

Guideline for safe lifting

Occupational musculoskeletal disorders are manifestations of occupational harms which can be seen spreadly in many countries all over the world.

8 methods to prevent occupational musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)

One thing we should remember is only a method will never prevent hazards and risks. All necessary methods should be integrated to get optimum effect.