Identifying and controlling production safety – the group with chemical hazards

Saturday, 02/12/2023, 10:22(GMT +7)

Areas with risks of chemical hazards

– In the chemical industry.

– In the manufacturing of paper, shoes leather, detergent, antiseptic, pesticide etc.

– In thermoelectric plants, thermal processing facilities with charcoal combustion chambers and charcoal gasifier chambers.

– In manufacturing and distilling oil etc.

Risks of hazards:

– Acute poisoning: Manifests after a single, short exposure (not longer than one work shift) with a large number or concentration of a substance.

– Chronic poisoning: Health problems created from repeated exposure in a long time. Chronic poisoning can only be detected after a long-time exposure.

Caution: Both chronic and acute poisoning can cause death or long-term adverse effects to worker’s health.

Prevention methods:

To reduce the risks of poisoning, methods for eliminating or decreasing the toxicity of chemical substances as well as reducing exposure to those substances are required. For practical works, the following methods can be applied:

– Technical methods:

+ Eliminating hazardous chemical substances being used by replacing technologies or using substances with lesser toxicity, or limiting direct exposure, sticking toxic substances on workers

+ Isolating and covering to reduce direct exposure, lessen the sticking of toxic substances on workers.

+ Installing ventilation systems, increasing air exchange in the working areas with risks of leaking chemical, reduce the substances’ concentration.

+ Using appropriate PPE such as respiratory organ protections, protective gloves, goggles, helmet, clothes, boots etc.

– Administrative methods:

+ Regularly inspect the working environment and apply suitable technical methods. Perform regular health check-up for workers, especially those often exposed to chemical substances.

+ Raise the awareness about safely utilizing chemical for workers.

+ Prepare beforehand mandatory first-aid methods when chemical poisoning happens.

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