Signing ceremony of collaboration, installation and opening of Smart Safety Training Room

Monday, 25/12/2023, 02:25(GMT +7)
On the afternoon of October 31, 2023, in Ha Noi the cooperation signing ceremony, installation and opening of the first Smart Safety Training Room in the North took place, this is a cooperative activity between the Occupational Safety Center (VNNIOSH) in collaboration with K&L VINA Co., Ltd and HuLan Company (Korea).

Representatives of the three parties sign a cooperation agreement to install Smart Safety Training Room

The Smart Safety Training Room system includes 2 main modules: Smart Safety Monitoring Module and Virtual Reality (VR) Training Module on occupational safety and health.

Smart Safety Monitoring Module includes modern equipment, cameras, and sensor systems installed within the working area (factory, construction site, workstation) to continuously monitor functions of the system such as warning people entering dangerous working areas; warning about unsafe working conditions: workers in poor health, abnormal physical condition…; warning workers who do not use PPEs, safety equipment…; continuously measure and monitor environmental parameters, harmful factors, fire and explosion factors at the workstation, promptly warning if the allowed limits are exceeded; warning machines and equipment moving in the workspace that are potentially dangerous for the operators and surroundings; set up a mobile safety warning system to create a warning network which  is suitable for the site and production technologies.

Artificial intelligence integrated into surveillance cameras is trained to detect unusual incidents and accidents that may occur, affecting the safety, security and order of construction sites, factories and workplaces. The safety monitoring system has the ability to link with the smart operating center of the province or the information system of departments and authorities to participate in protecting safety, social order and security.

Mr. Kim Hoseop, Director of K&L VINA Co., Ltd introduces the Smart Safety Monitoring System

Virtual Reality (VR) Training Module is a three-dimensional environment simulated by computer to simulate the real world. In that simulated environment, humans can explore virtual scenarios similar to those of the real world, it means that not only observation but also the ability to influence and receive feedback in real time.

VR technology in OSH will allow the construction of unsafe scenarios and situations in real labor and production. Trainees will have the opportunity to experience working in environmental conditions and unsafe situations in virtual space. Through this technology, it will still meet the requirements for situational practice, ensuring safety for learners and trainers, etc.

Currently, the virtual reality training module on OSH is being deployed with 10 scenarios of dangerous work situations in real production: Accidents in using scaffolding; situations of falling objects; situations of high fall accidents while working on steel frame workshop; accidental situations of house collapse during construction work; situations of working in dangerous areas of machines and equipment; practice situations using PPEs, etc.


Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Director of Occupational Health Center introduces technology experience at VR Training Module

With the above virtual reality experience scenarios, the Occupational Safety Center (VNNIOSH) will coordinate with occupational safety and hygiene training facilities to supplement experience content in a virtual environment along with other theoretical and practical contents during the implementation of occupational safety and hygiene training courses. This will be practical, attractive content with high practical applicability, contributing to increasing the practical experience of accidents and incidents that may occur and at the same time being one of the content innovates the methods of OSH training by applying scientific and technological advances in the field of OSH.